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    How much do you know about toilet paper?

    ʱ䣺2023/12/20 32

    Toilet paper is one of the essential sanitary ware in the bathroom, and its frequency of use is very high. Whether in a public bathroom or a family bathroom, toilet paper is essential. Now let's introduce toilet paper. Toilet paper is generally made of paper, the form can be divided into two kinds of roll paper and paper.

    Roll-type toilet paper is generally placed in the roll, and one can be extracted when used; The paper is generally placed in front of the user for easy access. The main use of toilet paper is to clean hands. When people use the toilet or wash their hands, they need to use toilet paper to clean their hands and keep them hygienic. The use of toilet paper is very simple, open the toilet paper dropped on the hand, gently knead the hand can be. When using the toilet paper, you should apply proper force to wash your hands thoroughly. However, it should be noted that you should not use toilet paper too much, because it will waste resources. The quality of the toilet paper is very important. A good paper towel should be soft, non-shedding, non-irritating, and not cause skin irritation or irritation. In addition, good quality toilet paper absorbent performance is also very good, when using can quickly absorb the moisture of the hands, keep the hands dry and fresh. Besides cleaning your hands, toilet paper can also be used for other things. For example, before eating, wipe your hands with toilet paper, which can effectively avoid bacterial infection on your hands to food. In addition, modern science and technology has also invented some toilet paper with special purposes, such as scented toilet paper, toilet paper with disinfection function, etc., can meet the needs of different groups of people. The use of toilet paper should follow certain hygiene requirements. First of all, people who use toilet paper must pay attention to hygiene, do not touch the toilet paper with dirty hands, so as not to cause cross infection. Secondly, people who use toilet paper should not touch the surface of other objects, which can also be effectively avoided.

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